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WTF Internet?

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Entertainment, WTF?
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Welcome to another segment of  WTF Internet? now this time around It’s not much of a wtf but just some interesting info of the Star Wars movies either way it’s a time killer.


What I find weird is the very beginning it says 3 prequels and 2 sequels I assume this was done before episode 3 but shouldn’t it have said 2 prequels and 3 sequels going by movie continuity….just a thought


WTF Internet? Pope Sith Lord

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Entertainment, WTF?
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Welcome to new segment I would like to call WTF Internet?

sometimes when you search the depths of the internet you end up finding some real wierd shit could funny, sad, offensive or just plain wierd.

luckily today I stumbled upon this:

I thought it was pretty funny. I wonder if the inside of the Deathstar was modeled from what the inside of the Vatican looks like. I’m kidding

I have been keeping a close eye on this compitition held by IGN. I think it’s a neat idea because with each match they add some custom artwork from Johnathan Moore. So I would like to know, how do you guys feel about the match ups they have going on? and who would you vote for? and who would you like to see be matched up? To make things a little clearer we’ll have the movie and tv versions of the Star Wars Universe and the comic versions of The Marvel Universe

The Winners:

Wolverine vs Darth Maul= Wolverine 65.38%

Luke Skywalker vs Spider-Man= Luke Skywalker 59.26%

Obi-Wan Kinobi vs Professor Xavier= Professor Xavier 64.54%

Han Solo vs Deadpool= Deadpool 84%

Darth Vader vs Magneto= Magneto 68%

Doctor Doom vs Lord Sidious=  Doctor Doom 51.85%

Captain America vs Boba Fett= Boba Fett 53.85%

Yoda vs Silver Surfer= Yoda 56.52%

Dark Phoenix vs Darth Caedus= Dark Phoenix 71.43%

The Secret Apprentice vs The Incredible Hulk = The Incredible Hulk 77.78%

Which universe would win in individual battles? Victory goes to Marvel

Now the Ultimate Battle:

It’s Over! with the clear winner being MARVEL with 75% of the vote! was there ever any doubt?

Remember to keep checking back to see who is in the lead.  New combatants every day leading up to the ultimate match. The Hulk v.s The Secret Apprentice is the last of the individual matches the winner will be decided on September 1st, 2011 Afterwords we will have an all out war, Universe VS Universe who will come out on top if everything that ever existed in each universe went head to head all at once the Universal War will begin September 2nd-8th, 2011!

[This battle may be over but there is still the battle for the 2012 Box Office]