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Bucky Larson

Directed By: Tom Brady

Starring: Nick Swardson, Christina Ricci and Don Johnson

I should start off by saying having Pauly Shore in this doesn’t help.  Bucky Larson is a small town guy from Ohio who finds out his parents were famous porn stars back in the 70’s. He decides that his destiny is also to become a star, so he embarks in an adventure to Los Angeles where he meets a sweet waitress named Kathy (Christina Ricci) and a porn director Miles (Don Johnson).  Bucky (Swardson) tells Miles about his dreams of becoming a star like his parents before him and he gives him a shot at making a movie. During the shoot they realize he has a very small dick and he can’t perform sexually because at the first sight of anything erotic he blows his load in a freakish manner. Miles uses this to change the porn industry because by comparison to bucky everyone else feels better about themsleves and live happier lifes.

First off the best thing about this movie is Christina Ricci she really tries at her role of the waitress who almost killed an old lady by spilling hot soup on her. She is a redeeming factor if theres any in this movie, but that is pretty much it. There’s a lot of jokes but very few are actually funny, many of them drag on a little too long and seize to be comedic while others fall “short” (see what I did there?). I think the main reason the jokes and humor in this movie don”t work is because of Swardson’s character, he doesn’t fit he just ends up making it all awkward. This reminds me of a newer version of Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star but with nudity, I personaly think Nick Swardson isn’t funny enough to be the star of a movie or tv show I have always seen him as a co-star. Too much spot light and he tends to burn up.

Overall I think one should only watch this movie when you high or drunk and/or with a group of funny friends because that’s the only way your gonna get through this movie.

Recommendation: Pass, go see the light hearted comedy Our Idiot Brother instead

3/10 Stars