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At long last! what many have been waiting for! Marvel has just released The Avengers movie trailer! hit link to watch the trailer courtesy of Comic Book Movie! You wont be disappointed. As an added bonus we also got a plethora screenshots of the trailer for your viewing pleasure

[The Trailer]

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Source: CBM

Awesome just plain awesome it looks just like a comic book cover pose, love it!










Source: Comic Book Movie

Here are four videos and some photos from the set of  The Avengers, the action sequences are coming to be really awesome. Click the links for the action

[Birds eye view of the action] [Next to a car fight scene] [Explosion] [Thor hitting a car]

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Man that is some good fun. Don’t forget to vote in the poll


Sony Pictures is confident in the success of the upcoming Spider-Man reboot that it has already planned The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to be released May 2, 2014 to kick off the summer of 2014.

Sony Exec says, “I think it speaks volumes about our confidence in what we are seeing on the new film and our desire to move quickly on the next installment.”

With such a big movie franchise as Spider-Man, it isn’t unusual for studios to expect a sequel before the a hit movie hits theaters. Green Lantern, Thor and Captian America had fallen in that catagory before.

[The Trailer]

Source: Deadline


Some spy cam footage of Thor and Captain America prepping for a scene together and then executing it and I have to say it is pretty wicked, why can’t 2012 come faster! [Video link]