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WTF Internet?

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Entertainment, Poll, WTF?
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Stumbled upon some pretty awesome Back to the Future stuff:

First off it’s a commercial for an Argentinian store [Link]

Watching that brings back memories. Here is another video of the the same video through a security cam. [Link]

These videos make me wonder, everyone seems to be getting the re-boot treatment or a late sequel, do you think Back to the Future needs to return with a new sequel or a re-boot?

Yeah, so apparently Jonah Hill lost some weight good for him you know? But goddamn he looks weird, I guess it’s because he will be starring in the new movie Neighborhood Watch starring Ben Stiller and the guy wants to look good on screen. Which in my opinion isn’t looking to good, but who knows, maybe he lost weight for his own personal reasons or for a health concern.

WTF Internet?

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Entertainment, WTF?
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Welcome to another segment of  WTF Internet? now this time around It’s not much of a wtf but just some interesting info of the Star Wars movies either way it’s a time killer.


What I find weird is the very beginning it says 3 prequels and 2 sequels I assume this was done before episode 3 but shouldn’t it have said 2 prequels and 3 sequels going by movie continuity….just a thought

WTF Internet? Pope Sith Lord

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Entertainment, WTF?
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Welcome to new segment I would like to call WTF Internet?

sometimes when you search the depths of the internet you end up finding some real wierd shit could funny, sad, offensive or just plain wierd.

luckily today I stumbled upon this:

I thought it was pretty funny. I wonder if the inside of the Deathstar was modeled from what the inside of the Vatican looks like. I’m kidding