Top 10 Movies Review, #9

Posted: August 26, 2011 in Dvd, Entertainment, Movie Review, Top 10
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Continuing with the top 10:

#9 Jurassic Park

Directed By: Steven Spielberg

Starring: Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum

       “Welcome to Jurassic Park” when you hear that shit is about to hit the fan. Jurassic Park easily the best dinosaur movies ever along with one of the best movies ever created in my opinion. When I first saw this movie I instantly fell in love with it so much so I started mimicking velociraptor and attacking my little brother for a whole year. The scenery along with the beautiful memorable score by John Williams takes you to a great adventure filled with badass dinosaurs and memorable characters I always thought that if they ever decide to get the ball rolling on a fourth movie they should bring back the original cast from this one seeing as they were split in the other two sequels. This first one thought will still be triumphant, it’s a classic.

       If you have been living under a rock or you were just too young, Jurassic Park takes place in an island off the coast of Costa Rica, where a theme park has been built housing real life dinosaurs cloned using the DNA left behind inside the blood mosquitoes drank from dinosaurs. The mosquitoes had been trapped in the sap of trees and fossilized for human kind to discover billions of years later. John Hammond invites four individuals and his two grandchildren to come preview the park as he is certain that it is ready to be shown to the world and ready for business (spare no expense). During a tour of the park all hell breaks loose when a computer hacker working for Hammond sabotages the park so he can get DNA out of Jurassic Park and into the hands of some other wealthy powerful people. The movie then instantly becomes a fight for survival as the dinosaurs from the park are let loose with no restraint and they need to reboot the entire system to get the park running again and get a call out for evac all while being hunted.

       What I also really enjoy about this movie is the science part of it, it’s interesting to wonder is such a feat is possible. According to scientist it’s not at least not with a complete unaltered strand of dinosaur DNA as a building block. This movie is based on the book Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton (who also wrote a screenplay draft for the movie) if you didn’t know that already. If you haven’t read it you really should the book is also one of my favorites of all time it turns this PG-13 movie into a rated R one and it’s awesome there’s much that differentiates the two, one being the plot goes slightly different and the characters are portrayed differently. I don’t believe reading the book ruins the movie if anything it adds to the excitement like a story not seen I highly recommend it.

       I could be here all day explaining my love for this movie but I can’t but, as you can see I have left you with enough to let you know this movie is kick ass and revolutionized cinema with the great animatronics and CGI definitely a movie ahead of its time.

“Life Will Find a Way” Ian Malcolm

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