Blind Mountain Dvd Movie Review

Posted: August 19, 2011 in Entertainment, Movie Review
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Blind Mountain (2007)



Now I am a sucker when it comes to true event type movies mostly because they end up being pretty awesome this movie is no exception. Blind Mountain was directed by Yang Li it doesn’t include any professional actors with the exception of maybe two and you know what? It works, it fucking works. This adds realism to the story which is great because you really feel pissed off when your watching this bitch. Blind Mountain Is like Taken but in the eyes of the daughter, this woman is tricked into thinking she is going to a village to help out and make some cash on the side as a school project. She arrives at the village with some colleagues of hers, she is given a drink and she passes out waking up about two hours later to find out she has been ditched, confused asks the villagers for help only to find out she had just been sold to one local and is now his wife. This movie makes you feel sympathy for the poor woman as she is kept prisoner in this so-called peaceful village. The whole village is in it and they do everything in their power to keep anyone from escaping. The actor who plays the woman victim does such a good job, you feel her anguish, her despair and her loss of all hope. This is a definite watch I was left kind of angry by the end of this movie and you will see why.

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